Winter Road Building

We have a full line of equipment to build winter roads

-Snowmaker to make ice bridges

-Snow cats to freeze muskeg

-Wide pad cats for brushing and pushing frost down

-Water trucks to build, smooth and finish winter roads 

-Tractors and Unimogs to freeze roads and remove snow

-Toboggans to pull behind snow cats if you don't have time to build the road and need to get into location

Grass Cutting

Unimogs and Tractors with mowers to cut grass  along access roads and on high ground leases.


Unimog and 8X8 Tatra picker trucks with 30 foot trailers to handle any job up to 8 Ton.

Light and Heavy Duty Hauling

A wide variety of trucks and trailers from a half ton with a 18 foot deck over to a winch tractor with a 53 foot scissor neck with live roll and beaver tails we can handle all your hauling needs. We also have a fleet of Pilot trucks for your oversized loads.

Pipefitting and Brush Cutting/Slashing

Labor crews and tools required to complete these and many more labor tasks such as spill clean up and general maintenance work.


We have Dozers, Excavators and Skid steers to preform various kinds of oilfield construction and landscaping projects.



We sell, install and repair chain link, barb wire, wood and vinyl fencing.

Our installation process requires no concrete, no mess, no drilling and prevents frost heaving.

Your fence will look great and be maintenance free for years!


We supply and install vinyl deck boards and aluminum railing.

We have also built many wooden decks and would like the opportunity to work on yours.


Northstar Oilfield Maintenance is an authorized Flexahopper distributor, please visit for a full list of products available.